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You're looking for a temporary or permanent rental. But how do you find them? You can look at our offer, but of course a search bow to us.
Many offer is rented out to the market and end up in our own searchers. Therefore, you should consult with our office. Because of an deployment of our network of property owners, investors and many real estate is guaranteed to succeed!

The search service includes the following:

Step 1
We make an inventory of your wishes and give realistic advice about the current rental market.

Step 2
Keep you automatically informed of our new properties and look for a suitable home.

Step 3
Accompany viewings.
Step 4
Advising on the price, availability date, notice, inventory and negotiate.

Step 5
Check the rental contract and discuss these with you.
Step 6
Going back to the initial inspection, check the inventory and take pictures for a complete file. Extra support is provided; for questions you can always contact us!

It could also be that you have already found the right house. You can use some services. The above service will be adapted to your needs.

We work on behalf of one party. A custom service has an adjusted rate.

For questions please contact us by phone or visit our office by making an appointment.

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