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Renting out

You want to rent your house, looking for a reliable tenant, but do not know where to start? Stadsdaemes helps.
We would like to make an appointment for an intake/interview. In this meeting we will discuss various rental possibilities as regular rental, room rental, vacancy or home detention and give you appropriate advice.Of course we hope to enter into a cooperation with you.

This entails the following:

Step 1:
We take professional pictures of your home and take the measures.

Step 2:
Promote these on Funda, our website, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and promote your property on rental portals as This site has more than 1,000,000 visitors per month (January 2014).

Step 3:
We offer your property at fellow brokers.

Step 4:
Planning and supervision visits (also in the evenings and at weekends) with potentialtenants.

Step 5:
Extensive screening of potential tenants.

Step 6:
We propose a prospective tenant to you and you decide based in part on our opinion who is the best tenant.

Step 7:
Make an rental contract.

Step 8:
Supervising tenants and landlords in the check  in of the home, check inventory and take pictures for a complete file.

Step 9:
The handling of the first financial transaction such as rent and deposit. If a tenant has terminated with us, we will contact you to discuss the final inspection and further possibilities.

For questions you can contact our office.

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