You want to buy your dream house or apartment, but you don’t know where to start. Stadsdaemes are here to help

The search process

Step 1:

During an initial interview we will discuss your wishes and set up a profile for you. After creating a search we get started. What is for sale? Is there a house or apartment that suits you?

voor u?

Step 2:

In addition to making a selection of suitable houses or apartments, you will also receive a daily message with new listings. We contact you to see if this might be your dream house or apartment.

Step 3:

We found a suitable home! We will make an appointment for a viewing and will accompany you for advice and guidance. During the viewing we will have a critical look at the condition of the property and the asking price. Is it realistic and is a technical survey required?

Step 4

During the negotiations, we will do everything to achieve the best purchase price for you; under the best conditions, obviously.

Step 5:

We accurately check the contract for you and discuss it with you before signing the provisional purchase contract.

Step 6:

We personally accompany you to the notary for the transfer of the property. Prior to that, we will check all documents and carry out an inspection. We will also look at any possible movables to be taken over.

You have found a house or apartment already

If you have found the right house or apartment already, you can take advantage of partial services. The above services will be adapted to your wishes. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

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